Create a CubedPay Store


Welcome to CubedPay!

Creating a store is super easy, and only takes a few seconds! You’ll be ready to start selling your virtual items, downloads, and more right away.

First off, make an account.

Creating an account is free and easy, and let’s you access everything CubedPay has to offer

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Register” and follow the instructions to setup your new account.

If you already have an account, just sign in and we’ll continue.

Making Your Store

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see your CubedPay account dashboard.

  1. Click on My Account in the upper left corner to bring up the store selector
  2. Select Create Store from the dropdown menu that appears

You’ll now be presented with the store creator, where we’ll ask you some basic questions about your store. Don’t worry, almost everything here can be changed later!

Store Name

Your store name will be shown to customers and will be used to identify you across CubedPay. Pick something memorable that’s easy to recognize, like your company or server name.

Store Logo

Your store logo is used as the icon to represent you, and also shown in some templates. For best results, use the recommended dimensions shown next to the upload icon.

Store URL

This is your subdomain that customers will use to navigate to your webstore. You can change this or setup a custom domain later.


This is the currency that your prices and dashboard will be shown in. Please remember that this doesn’t configure the currencies used by any connected gateways.

Once you’re all set, click Next to continue.

Your store plan determines what features you’ll have access to. For a complete list of benefits, please see our pricing page.

None of the CubedPay plans have any monthly fees, and the only difference is the fee per transaction that we collect. If you process lots of transactions, contact us for special enterprise pricing.


There are many ways to integrate CubedPay. On this final step, tell us how you plan to use your store and we’ll configure everything to best match what you need. Once your integration is setup, this cannot be changed. Remember that you can make more stores later if you intend to use CubedPay for multiple purposes.

For this example, I chose “Minecraft: Java Edition”.

Finally, click Finish and you’ll be presented with your brand new store dashboard.

That’s it! Check out the other articles here in #help:howto for more info on working with your new store!

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