Creating Promotional Codes


Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes can be entered by users during checkout to discount the value of their cart and save them money! You can give out these codes with merchandise, for events, or for any other purposes that you see fit!

Open Discount Settings

  1. Start by navigating to your CubedPay store. If you don’t have one yet, read more here for info on creating one.
  2. Select Discounts in your store sidebar.
  3. Select Discount Codes at the top, if it’s not already selected.

Creating a Discount Code

Start by clicking New Discount Code at the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Fill out the provided settings about your new discount code.

Code Name

This is used to identify your promo code throughout CubedPay for display and analytic reasons.

Code Type

Set to either Percentage or Money Off to decide how you want to discount your customers.

Code Amount

The value of your code, as defined in combination with Sale Type .

Max Uses

This is the maximum amount of times your code can be used before it expires.

Code Start & Code Expiry

The dates in which your code is valid for.


Whether or not your code is enabled for use.

Allow with sale?

Whether or not your code can be combined with any other running sales.

Valid Items

Finally, search for and add the items you want the code to include at the bottom.

When you’re all set, click Create.

That’s it!

From your dashboard, you can now see the remaining uses on your code. You can edit your code or deactivate it at anytime!

Want to discount your items without the need for a promotional code? See our guide on Creating a Promotional Sale.