Creating Shop Error + Spelling issue


When I click on ultimate plan and try to create a shop I get this beautiful error

DB Error: (Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (, CONSTRAINT FK_shop_core_plan FOREIGN KEY (plan) REFERENCES core_plan (id) ON DELETE SET NULL ON UPDATE NO ACTION) - INSERT INTO shop (id,url,name,game,time_zone,plan,sandbox,currency) VALUES (‘shop_LrAhT0Ucxts’,‘berserk’,‘Berserk Shop’,‘1’,‘America/Los_Angeles’,‘unlimited’,‘1’,‘usd’))

or in a picture:

Also when you go to delete a store and you dont put the name in it says “The Store names no not match.”

EDIT: Actually deleting a shop doesnt work at all for me just says “the store names no not match” even when name is put in.


Hi OctoberTroyFTW,

Thanks for your bug report, this has now been fixed. You should be able to create and delete a store just fine.