Feature Leak: Custom Currencies


Welcome to #sneak-peaks! Here we’ll be giving you guys, our amazing customerbase, sneak peaks and insights into major releases for CubedPay that are in the pipeline!

We do this to allow for feedback and ideas during the development of these concepts - afterall, we want to make sure all feature releases we do are useful to you guys in every way possible.

Obligatory: Sneak Peaks are just that, they may change heavily internally and are not given an official release date. We provide these posts as a way to give you a preview as to the direction we want to take the platform internally.

That aside… coming soon:


What are custom currencies?

The free to play market is dominated by “freemium” and premium currencies, so much so, that we think it’s important to offer official support for such a feature within our platform. What’s included with this release?

For Merchants

Create one or multiple virtual currencies - upload an icon, title, and default balances for your customers on your webstore. You can charge one of your custom currencies for items at checkout in place of real money, or include virtual currency with the purchases of your normal packages.

For Developers

Interact with the CubedPay API to get or alter the balances of your customers. We’ll keep a ledger of transactions that your users can view from their dashboard and you don’t have to worry about storing it yourself.

For Customers

Easily purchase, manage, and transfer (if enabled by the store) your currency for your favorite apps, servers, and games from your CubedPay dashboard.

What are some potential uses?

  • Sell a premium currency for your project that players can pay for, then spend on items in-game.
  • Move your economy plugin to use CubedPay so your users can see their activity with the currency over time
  • Allow players to earn currency in-game to spend for premium items on your webstore

We’re very excited to see the applicable uses for Custom Currencies, and are hopefully looking to roll it out for everyone to use and enjoy within the next few weeks.

Let us know what you think of this idea in #feedback or #chat!