Forum & Community Rules


Welcome to the CubedPay Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here and interested in CubedPay. We have a few rules that need to be abided by at all times.

We expect everyone using our community outlets to act like a reasonable and responsible person, showing respect to both our customers and the CubedPay team.

These rules should be seen as guidelines - our Terms of Service apply above all else.

General Rules

  • Follow specific sub-category guidelines (when they exist)
  • Don’t abuse the forum: This means don’t spam, multipost, crosspost, or flood it.
  • Keep language to PG. CubedPay is used by customers of all ages, locations, etc and we want to ensure our community is a friendly place for everybody.
  • Racism, sexism, bigotry, or hateful language is strictly forbidden.
  • Be nice to community moderators - they are volunteers to help keep this channel clean.
  • Community moderators can’t help with account or store issues - contact support if you have an issue that requires our attention.
  • Don’t bash other projects or the people associated with them
  • Please don’t ask for timelines on upcoming features. If you have feedback or want to stay in the loop on what’s coming next, see #sneak-peaks.
  • Advertising of any form isn’t allowed with the exception fo links to your CubedPay webstore for support purposes. There shouldn’t be any excess advertising of projects, game servers, or other communities.
  • Don’t attempt to sell anything through our community. It is perfectly okay to advertise an app with paid functionality in #apps but this can’t be used as your official channel for it.
  • Don’t include “CubedPay” in your official application names or our branding in a way that makes you look like an official endorsement or product of Melon Development
  • If you’re banned or suspended, you are no longer welcome to use the CubedPay community forums. Your customer account will still work as originally intended.

Posting Guidelines

Read Before Posting

Please refrain from posting topics asking for basic information about CubedPay. Basic answers can be found by searching the forum, visiting our site or contacting support.

Before you make a new topic, please make sure it’s not a repeated question or piece of information. Use the search feature :mag: or pay attention to the Your topic is similar to... suggestion as you start typing.

Categorizing Your Posts

When creating a new topic, use the drop-down menu to the right of your title to ensure you’re posting in the correct place. If you’re not sure, you can always move it later as the discussion starts.

Thanks for reading, and welcome! :wave: