[Guide] Handling Your Store Purchases


On CubedPay, we offer many different ways to process purchases from your store. We do not believe relying on just console commands to handle your payments (especially if you’re a large community, project, or game server) is a reliable method.

Direct Integration - CubedPay API

You can manually look for pending orders directly via our REST API. This allows the most flexibility to integrate us into anything you’re building, but also is the most complex option.

Direct Integration - Java API

Slightly easier then integrating with our REST API directly, but still requires work to get CubedPay to run how you like. Implement our Java Library in your project and listen for TransactionCompletedEvent and handle purchases as you like.

Minecraft: CubedPay Package Runner

If you have no programming knowledge, you can install both CubedPay Java and CubedPay Package Runner. Much like other solutions you’re already used to, package runner will listen to incoming purchases for you, then execute the commands you configure in the associated file. We do not recommend this option for payment processing unless you absolutely must use it.

External Processing: Webhooks

Setup an outgoing webhook on your server store to point to any external URL that you like. You can then handle payments as they clear without having to incorporate any of our libraries. Details on Outgoing Webhooks….

As always you can reach out to support or get in touch with us here for any integration questions you may have.

Welcome aboard!


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