[Java API] Error Creating Transaction


I was testing out the new way to make transaction requests, and I came across the error below :arrow_down:


Stack Trace:


The issue above has been fixed with a newer version of 0.4.3, however now I am running across a new issue -

I’m using the same method as above, but with the additional profile field to which I passed the player’s in-game name, not knowing exactly what it was asking for. I tried creating an Item by using both the ShopPackage and the ShopPagePackage ID’s, both of which gave me the same error.

[Java API] Error Creating Discount

I tried creating a transaction manually in order to see what the issue was and attempt to fix it within the Java Client myself, but it seems to be the REST API that’s causing the issue -

Redacted Access Token and Client ID


Hi Bert,

I’ve let the relevant team know of this error, and they will be working to fix it very soon. I’ll let you know when I hear back.



I went ahead and fixed this issue myself, and it worked fine in local tests. PR - https://github.com/MelonDevelopment/CubedPay-Java/pull/5