Process PayPal Payments


Setting up a Gateway: PayPal

CubedPay fully supports PayPal, one of the most trusted payment processors in the world. By enabling PayPal on your store, customers will be able to select Use PayPal from your checkout experience to pay with their linked debit card, bank, or PayPal balance.

Enabling PayPal is a breeze and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Open Gateway Settings

  1. Start by navigating to your CubedPay store. If you don’t have one yet, read more here for info on creating one.
  2. Select Webstore Settings in your store sidebar.
  3. Select Payments in the settings sidebar

Connecting PayPal

Select Link under PayPal to start the connection process.

Start by providing your PayPal email address. This let’s us know who we’re trying to connect wih, then click Submit to be redirected to PayPal to finish the connection.

To finish the connection, click on Agree and connect. You’ll then be redirected back to us!

PayPal still says “Unlinked”!

It may take a few moments for PayPal to let us know that the link was successful. If your dashboard still reports that you’re not connected, just click on “Check link status” and we’ll re-check. If you still have issues, please reach out to support.

That’s it!

Your store is instantly ready to start processing payments with PayPal.

Want to allow your customers to take payments with the credit cards already saved to their CubedPay accounts? See our guide on Processing Credit Cards with Stripe.