Registering Your Application


Hello, Developer! :wrench:

CubedPay makes it as easy as possible to allow you to register your applications and access our APIs.

If you’re looking for documentation, you can find that here. Otherwise, read on!

When do I need to make an application?

You’ll need an application if you intend to access store and user data of our users. CubedPay uses OAuth 2 to authenticate our requests and make exchanges secure.

Registering an Application

Getting started is easy.

  1. Start by Signing in to your CubedPay Account. If you don’t have one, registration is free. There are no costs associated to making a customer account.
  2. Click Applications in the navigation, then Your Apps.
  3. Select Create Application then fill out the details.

Application Name

Your name of the application represents it publicly for your customers to see. Enter something that your users will recognize.


Your website is the homepage or FAQ for your application. If a user clicks “Learn more…” from the authorization page, they’ll be directed here.

Redirect URL

This is where we’ll send users to if they allow or deny the request. Be prepared to handle requests accordingly and look for the relavent returned data.


Enter a basic description about what your application is going to do. We outline permissions your app has access to below, so it’s a good idea to explain why you need requested permissions or what the purpose of authorizing is.

Your application is ready to go!

To start authenticating users, send them to with the scopes and client ID for your application. Read our documentation for details on the various scopes we offer, as well as any other required variables.

As always, let us know if you encounter any problems in #help!