Using a Custom Domain


Custom domains add another layer of customization and control to your store. We include them for users on our Unlimited and Enterprise plans at no additional charge. See Pricing…

Preparing for a Custom Domain

To prepare your domain for use, you need to visit the DNS settings for where you registered it. Instructions on how to do this vary based on which company you chose. For this example, I’ll be using Cloudflare, but you can do it on any company that supports DNS setting adjustments.

Sign into your domain registrar and select your domain.

Select “DNS” along the top

Add a new CNAME Record

Out of the dropdown, select “CNAME” for the type of record to add.

For the name, enter the subdomain that you’d like to use. For example, if your domain is and you set name tom be store, then your CubedPay store would be live at

For the domain, enter Keep the next dropdown set to Automatic TTL and turn off the CloudFlare filtering. (CubedPay handles your traffic for you!)

Your Domain is Ready!

Your domain is now ready for use on CubedPay. Again, these instructions were for CloudFlare, but will be similar with whoever else you have your domain with.

Preparing Your Store

There’s a few things to note for the process of using a custom domain:

  • Your store will always be accessible from your original subdomain (e.g.
  • Your store will always be administered via
  • Your store will not be accessible on your custom domain until it’s been propagated and your certificate has been generated. This may take up to 48 hours.
  1. To get started, sign in to and select your store from the dropdown.
  2. Select Webstore Settings on the left navigation
  3. Select Domain on the left navigation.

Setting Your Domain

Click Edit next to the custom domain section.

You’ll be asked to set as a CNAME record for you domain, but this is already done! Just enter what your new store domain will be, then select CHECK to ensure it’s available for use on CubedPay.

When your domain has been confirmed as available, just click Save!

Wait for Propogation

It may take a bit for your domain DNS settings to update globally. Until this happens, we can’t take any further action. Once your domain settings have propogated, or to check if they’re completed, select the Create button to the right of your SSL Certificate Information.

Why does my store require SSL?

We believe strongly in protection of customer and merchant data, so we only serve content on CubedPay over an encrypted connection. Don’t worry, though! As soon as your settings have updated, a certificate will be ready to create, and until then, your store subdomain will always be usable!

Create Your Certificate

Once your domain has been updated, click Create to launch SSL on your store.

That’s it! Your store is ready to be accessed by your custom domain. If you have issues with your certificate, you can renew it from your settings at anytime, otherwise it’ll be taken care of for you automatically.

We hope this was helpful!

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