Using Markdown to Format Descriptions


CubedPay supports markdown for formatting various elements around your store. We chose markdown because it’s easy to work with, easy for others to query via our API, and has no complex syntax.

CubedPay uses markdown in the following areas:

  • Store homepage
  • Text Sidebar Elements
  • Product Descriptions

If you’re looking for more control, you can embed limited HTML using the HTML sidebar element.

Formatting with Cubedpay

Element Syntax
Heading # H1, ## H2, ### H3
Bold **Bold**
Italic _Italic_
Quotes > Quote
Bullets * Bullet
Numbers 1. Number
Links [My Text](
Images ![My Image](

Working with the Editor

If you don’t want to memorize the syntax, you can also use the toolbar at the top of the text area. This bar is present on any fields that support markdown.

Previewing Your Content

Click on the Eye to preview your content. Just click it again to exit the preview and resume editing.

That’s it! You’ll be a pro at markdown in no time!

Using a Custom Domain